Indoor Environment Dust Leads to More Fat Cells Resulting in Obesity

Researchers have assessed links between metabolic health of children and chemical mixtures present in the indoor environment. Concerns related to the effects of endocrine-disrupting chemicals sometimes present in household cleaning products have emerged recently. In fact, dust in our houses also contain these chemicals and accelerate growth of fat cells contributing to obesity. Moreover, plastic objects contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals such as phthalates. Researchers have found that these chemicals can increase health risk and develop liver diseases, cancer, fertility problems, and childhood obesity.

Mixture of Chemicals Accountable for Several Health Conditions

Previous research showed that exposure to these chemicals increases triglycerides (fat present in blood) leading to obesity in animals. Other studies showed correlation between endocrine-disrupting chemicals and increasing in weight. In this research, Christopher Kassotis and team examined 194 house dust samples taken in central North Carolina. They studied the ability to promote fat cell development in a cell model. They found that very low concentration of dust extract catalyzed growth of precursor fat cells and fat cells. It is concerning because children consume 60 to 100 mg of dust per day.

Researchers further investigated 100 different chemicals in the dust. They analyzed chemicals’ relationship based on their concentration and the degree of fat cell development. Almost 70 chemicals showed some link with development of dust-induced fat cells. Nearly 40 chemicals fueled the development of precursor fat cell. Therefore, the mixture of chemicals presents inside houses might be promoting these effects.

Furthermore, researchers found that homes of of overweight and obese children had higher concentration of these chemicals. Researchers aim to conduct more research to study chemicals found in household products and understand their association with obesity.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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