Increasing Use in Flavoring Agents Speed Up the Growth of the Halal Ingredients Market

The main factor that is fuelling the growth of the global halal ingredients market is remarkable rise in the Muslim population. Halal food refers to those food items that has been prepared adhering to the Islamic law of food preparation.

These days, non-Muslims have also consuming halal food or preparations made of halal ingredients like halal meat. Growing popularity of halal food has opened up new growth prospects for the global halal ingredients market.

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Food and beverage industry dominates the global halal ingredients market due to extensive utilization of the ingredients in several food preparations and products. The demand for halal ingredients in the food and beverage sector is likely to continue with such dominance over the period of forecast.

Proponents of halal food firmly believe that halal ingredients like halal meat are healthier and tastes better than non-halal meat. They also believe that it is more humane to consume halal meat. Such beliefs comes from the ritual cutting the jugular vein, which leads to draining of all the blood from the animal body. They also believe that all the toxic substances go away with the blood. So once all the blood is drained out, there is no harmful substance such as uric acid is left in the meat.

The global halal ingredients market is driven by it increasing use in various flavoring agents. Connoisseurs of good food are constantly raising demand for new flavors for various food preparations, which is triggering the growth of the global halal ingredients market. Ever-changing preferences of consumers are now tilted toward fast food and ready to eat food. As such, many food companies are applying for halal certificates to meet the growing and varied demand for halal food preparations and products and furthering business expansion.

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In the global halal ingredients market, Middle East and Africa accounts for a lion’s share of the market. Various efforts by United Arab Emirates to make halal food popular has added impetus to the growth of the market.

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