Increasing Prominence of the Product to Foster Growth of the Global Biochip Market

American company, Affymetrix, invented the very first biochip and product of the company is GeneChip (DNA microarrays). A biochip includes a number of individual DNA sensors utilized for the purpose of sensing defects. These products play an important role in the sector of biology research, such as disease biology and systems biology whilst there has been a rise in the number of clinical applications. Biochips refer to a set of microarrays that are put on a strong surface of substrate enabling thousands of reactions to be accomplished in a short period of time. Growing importance of this product is likely to foster growth of the global biochip market in the years to come.

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A combination of genetics, biochemistry, and biology characterizes the development of a biochip. This product is utilized in the analysis of organic molecules that are associated with a living organism. The growth of the global biochip market is likely to observe growth in the increasing application of biochip in various clinical applications.

Considerable Rise in the Spending of Clinical Research to Widen Scope of Market Growth

Biochips come with many applications that ranges from accelerated development of drug to identification of disease marker. Applications comprise several research applications in various fields such as proteomics, genotyping, and genomics. Augmented spending on clinical research together with considerable allocation of resource for proteomic and genomic research are likely to foster growth of the global biochip market in the years to come.

Biochip systems include probes that are formatted into micro scales on surfaces of glass as they need automated robotic tools for the purpose of scanning and handling of micro-scale samples. Furthermore, tools of bioinformatics are needed for the purpose of accomplishing analysis of data. The rising demand for certain techniques and tools for this technology is likely to render biochips a considerably expensive and sophisticated technology.

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