Increasing Prevalence of Diabetes to Contribute to Growth in the Global Auto Injectors Market

Auto injectors are set to witness stellar demand over the next few years. As per TMRR, the growth rate of the global auto injectors market is set to be impressive from 2019 to 2029. And, varied trends and drivers will propel market on to a high growth trajectory. Some of the notable factors include increase in incidence of chronic illnesses where injection of drugs and other fluids are regularly required, and increase in incidence of auto immune diseases. These will also bring forth untapped growth opportunities for market players.

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It is quite noteworthy here that diabetes is witnessing notable increase in patients worldwide and a number of genetic and environmental factors are adding to this burden. Sedentary lifestyle and poor diets are notable factors pushing forward the number of diabetes patients.  The condition is severe in middle and low income countries. Arthritis is another such condition. The numbers are increasing and so it awareness regarding treatment options. Over the next few years, such illnesses will contribute massively to the growth of global auto injectors market.

Region-wise, experts claim that North America would be dominant regional market over the forecast period, mentioned above. Better healthcare infrastructure, high levels of awareness, and high disposable income are major growth factors. The population in the region is growing at a massive pace. Incidence of autoimmune disorders is also on an upward curve. On the other hand, Asia Pacific will be a fast growing region. Diabetes cases in the region are high and growing, contributing to regional growth.

The vendor landscape of global auto injectors market is quite competitive. Technology and innovation form crucial aspects. A number of other strategies are also used to chart higher growth. Top players include Eli Lilly, Scandinavian Health Ltd., AbbVie, Inc., Amgen, Owen Mumford, Ypsomed, Teva Pharmaceutical, Biogen Idec, Mylan N.V., Pfizer, Inc., and Sanofi, among others.

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Author: Rohit Bhisey

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