Increasing Number of Surgeries Driving Demand for Medical Copper Tubing

San Francisco, California, November 14, 2017: The demand in the global medical copper tubing market will increment at a notable CAGR, according to a recent business and commerce study by TMR Research. The report, titled “Medical Copper Tubing Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025,” has been developed by a group of professional research analysts and aspires to serve as a reliable decision-making document for its targeted audiences such as original equipment manufacturers, hospital and healthcare organizations, raw material suppliers, and government agencies.

The report begins with an elaborated overview of the current scenario of the market for medical copper tubing across the world, provides exhaustive explanation of various dynamics that the demand will depend on, such as trends, drivers, restraints, and opportunities, segments it into smaller aspects, takes stock of the potential of every important region and country, and finishes off with a featured section on competitive landscape wherein a number of vendors have been profiled for their business condition, recent strategic decisions, and geographical presence.

Medical copper tubing are primarily used to supply medical gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and nitrous oxide. As copper is widely believed to be non-harmful for human health, the development of tubing has been extensively explored by the medical equipment manufacturers. As per the findings of the report, medical tubing finds a number of applications in the healthcare sector, but the advent of minimally invasive surgeries have only propelled the demand in the recent past. With escalation in geriatric population, the concerns regarding health has increased tremendously, particularly in emerging economies. With increased disposable income, urban populations in emerging economies are willing to pay for quality healthcare facilities and services.

The global medical copper tubing market is also gaining traction by the growing usage of copper tubing that allows streamlined delivery of gases without any obstructions caused by corrosion of tubes and bacterial infection. These copper tubes are gaining popularity in the medical domain because it offers significant advantage over traditional gas delivery systems in terms of uninterrupted supply of gas. The copper tubing products are expected to comply with the regulatory norms such as CSA and ASTM B819. The ASTM B819 regulatory standard regulates the conditions for the range of wall thickness of different types of medical copper tubes that are satisfactory for medical gas systems. Hence, going in sync with such marketing specifications and manufacturing standards for copper tubes is anticipated to boost the market growth.

Based on product type, the global medical copper tubing market can be segmented into Type L, Type K, and DWV. Currently, Type K produces the most prominent chunk of demand in this market, which is a reflection of its high cost and increasing demand at the same time. Application-wise, the market for medical copper tubing can be bifurcated into medical air, oxygen, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, and medical vacuum, whereas hospitals, outpatient facilities, and dentists can be the end use categories.

As far as the competitive landscape is concerned, the global medical copper tubing market is divided among a large number of players, such as Mueller Industries, Inc. J & D Tube Benders, Inc., Cambridge-Lee Industries LLC, BeaconMedaes, C&H Medical (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., Cerro Flow Products LLC, Samuel, Son & Co., Limited, UACJ Corp., KME Germany GmbH & Co KG, Wieland Copper Products LLC, Amico Group of Companies, and The Lawton Tube Co. Ltd. For most of these companies, strategic collaborations and joint ventures is the primary mode to stay ahead of the curve.

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