Increasing Need for Energy to Fuel Demand For Hydraulic Fracturing

San Francisco, California, Nov 20, 2017: According to a new market report by TMR Research, the global market for hydraulic fracturing has been observing a considerable rise in its valuation and is expected to remain doing so over the next few years. The research report, titled “Hydraulic Fracturing Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017–2025,” offers a unbiased and in-depth analysis of this market, taking its current and historical performance in consideration. The key market boosters, obstacles, prominent trends, challenges, opportunities, and the growth potential in this market have also been examined by researchers while performing this research.

As per the research study, the global hydraulic fracturing market is benefiting substantially from the non-ending demand for energy. The increasing need for novel technologies to reduce the production and management cost and raise efficiency is fueling the demand for more drilling, expansion, exploration, and fracturing activities, which are expected to boost the market substantially in the near future.

Broadly, in this research study, the worldwide market for hydraulic fracturing has been assessed on the basis of its reach across Asia Pacific (APAC), the Middle East and Africa (MEA), North America, Europe, and Latin America. Thanks to the emergence of the U.S. as the leading individual market for hydraulic fracturing across the world, North America has acquired the leading position in the global market. The significant rise in exploration activities and the production of unconventional energy resources, such as shale gas and tight oil, together with the ample availability of traditional resources such as skilled manpower and advanced technology, are propelling the market for hydraulic fracturing in the U.S.

Asia Pacific, however, is not too far behind. With the exceptional rise in the hydraulic fracturing market in China, thanks to the surplus presence of unconventional resources of energy, this region is likely to emerge as the most promising market in the near future. Europe, on the other hand, is likely to gain from the rise in the investigation associated with the development of hydrocarbon reserves available in this region over the next few years.

In the Middle East and Africa, Saudi Arabia is likely to surface as the key contributor with i\the escalating investments in the oil and gas industry, states the report. For instance, Saudi Aramco is expected to invest US$334 bn in the near future in order to support the service facilities and infrastructure and the exploration and manufacturing stage of unconventional energy resources.

An exhaustive assessment of the competitive landscape present in the worldwide market for hydraulic fracturing has also been offered in this market study by reviewing the profiles of the leading vendors of hydraulic fracturing across the world, such as Cudd Energy Services, FTS International, Patterson UTI Tacrom Services, Baker Hughes Inc., Trican Well Services Ltd., Haliburton, Weatherford International, Calfrac Well Services, ConocoPhilips, Schlumberger Ltd., Franklin, Superior Energy Services, and United Oilfield Services.

The research report further offers an evaluation of the main business development strategies adopted by these participants, their share in the global market, their annual revenues, and their unique selling points (USPs) to determine the hierarchy existing among them.

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Author: Rohit Bhisey

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