Increasing Leaning for Sugar-free Beverages elevates Demand in Europe Malt Extract Market

Rising demand for malt extract-based beverages is predicted to open new opportunities for the Europe malt extract market. With the shifting leaning of consumers for sugar-free food and drinks, the expanse of Europe malt extract market widens to a considerable degree. Health implications of long-term consumption of sugary beverages is resulting in changing preference for sugar-free food and beverages, thereby indirectly fueling the malt extract market in the region. Malt extract does not require sugar to be added, and also reduces the need for artificial additives.

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The Europe malt extract market benefits from large volume rise in production of wheat and barley that are used in the manufacture of malt extracts. Production of wheat and barley has immense economic value due to voluminous demand of these grains as a key source of energy. This indirectly boosts the malt extract market in the region.

Rising use of diastatic malt extract as a substitute of sugar and honey is adding a new dimension to the growth of malt extract market in Europe. Diastatic malt is rich in enzymes and vitamins, which is a significant factor for use in bakery products to add nutrient value.

Continued Demand for Beer solidifies Growth

Double-digit growth of beer brewing industry in the region, wherein malt is used extensively indirectly boosts the malt extract market. In Europe, some tries such as Germany and the U.K. account for substantial percentage of the world beer consumption, thereby extending immense opportunities to the Europe malt extract market.

Europe malt extract market marks the presence of some well-entrenched players for the vendor landscape to be competitive. Keen players are focused on product improvement and production innovation to remain competitive in the Europe malt extract market. Prominent players in the Europe malt extract market include Axereal Group, Malt Products Corporation, Cargill Incorporated, Polttimo Oy, Muntons plc., IREKS GmbH, Simpsons Malt Limited, VIVESCIA Industries, and Malteries Soufflet SAS.

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