Increasing Incidence of Hypertension to Drive Digital Blood Pressure Monitors Market Forward

Demand for digital blood pressure monitoring devices is set to grow over the next few years. An impressive growth rate is anticipated for the market of these products from 2019 to 2029. Growth opportunities to the tune of a couple of billions will emerge in the market landscape over this period, states TMRR.

Factors that are contributing to hypertension are also contributing to growth in global digital blood pressure monitors market. Changing lifestyle is a major cause of concern since the modern living comes with stressful and hectic schedules and poor diets. It is pertinent to note here that in the year of 2019, World Health Organization noted that world over 1.15 billion people suffered from the condition. It is also a significant cause of death in the world.

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Additionally, several government initiatives in this direction are also set to generate awareness regarding hypertension and its monitoring. Database for remote care and healthcare services is also being prepared. This is what Integrated Health Model Initiative stood for – American Medical Association’s activity aiming at bettering healthcare outcomes by launching a data management.

Need to manage blood pressure is growing due to increasing risk of disorders associated with poor lifestyle choices. A major lifestyle issue is obesity which is growing in incidence. In the United States alone one in every six children are obese. It is also quite pertinent to note here that obesity can lead to about 60 diseases chronic diseases.

The fragmented vendor landscape of global digital blood pressure monitors market is quite competitive. Some of the key players are Omron Healthcare Welch Allyn, Inc., A&D Medical Inc., SunTech Medical, Inc., American Diagnostics Corporation, Withings, Briggs Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Kaz Inc., Microlife AG, Rossmax International Ltd., GF Health Products Inc., Spacelabs Healthcare Inc., and Philips Healthcare, among others. Players are heavily investing in development of innovative and cost effective products.

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Author: Rohit Bhisey

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