Increasing Demand from End-use Industries to Drive Silicon Nitride Market Growth

Silicon Nitride is an inorganic and non-Metallic compound formed from the reaction of Silicon & Nitrogen at high temperature. It is used as a ceramic Material. Silicon nitride is black or grey in color. Silicon Nitride is prepared by heating powdered silicon between 1300 °C and 1400 °C in a nitrogen environment. The silicon nitride material contains effective amount of sintering aid and effective amount of low dielectric loss promoter. Sintered silicon nitrides, Hot pressed silicon nitride and reaction bonded silicon nitride are the types of Silicon nitride.

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Increasing Use across Different Industries

The wide range of application of silicon nitride include automobile & transportation industry, high temperature material, medical, metal working and electronics. Silicon nitride material is used in niche market applications such as in reciprocating engine components and turbochargers, metal cutting and shaping tool and hot metal handling.

Silicon nitride ceramics have better resistance to shock compared to other ceramics. Ball bearings which are made of silicon nitride ceramic are used as a high performance bearing. A representative example is the use of the silicon nitride bearing in one of NASA space shuttle’s main engine.

Automobile Industry is one of the important end users of Silicon nitride market, where the material is used in engine parts. It includes pre-combustion Chambers (also known as swirl chamber); glow-plugs for faster startups in vehicles and also in Diesel engines.

Europe is one of the significant regions in the global Silicon Nitride industry holding a large share of the market.  In Asia Pacific, China, India and Southeast Asian Countries are projected to register highest revenue growth rate in the Silicon Nitride market.

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Some of the key players in the global silicon nitride market are AlzChem, Yantai Tomley Hi-tech, Advanced Materials, H.C. Starck, Denka, Hebei Corefra Silicon Nitride Material, VestaSi, Jiangxi Sanxin Hi-Tech Ceramics, Hongchen Technology, and UBE among others.

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