Increasing Demand for Improved Shelf-life of Products to Drive Growth of Food Grade Moisture Absorbing Agents Market

Moisture absorbing agents or desiccants are crystalline agents that absorb moisture in the surrounding. Moisture absorbing agents are responsible for changing environmental conditions in packets without any external source of energy. As this reduces moisture content in the packet it enhances the shelf life of food products. Efficient moisture resistant properties of packets accelerate the adoption across food, and beverage industry.

Asia Pacific to Witness Promising Growth in the Future

North America and Europe, holds the dominating share the global food grade moisture absorbing packets market. Food grade moisture absorbing packets market for the regions is highly matured owing to its application for preservation of food products during transport in the containers.

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Asia Pacific owing to its high manufacturing capacity of massive food industry holds a considerably large portion of market share in food grade moisture absorbing packets as it increases shelf life of food and prevents its aroma to spread outside the container.

Food grade moisture absorbing packets has great demand in the supply chain and logistic applications in the food industry. Food grade moisture absorbing packets has a great demand in the market to be in contact with fish and meat and other moisture sensitive food product during transport that keeps the freshness of fish and meat intact by restricting the growth of microbes as moisture decreases.

Food grade moisture absorbing packets are extensively used in the household application for storing purpose and to prevent rust, corrosion that may cause by food storage. It is also being used for odor control due to the restricted growth of microbes in food products.

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BASF, Clariant AG, Evonik Industries, Solvay S.A., W. R. Grace and Company, Merck & Co., Sorbead India, Samarpann Silica Gel, Varun Enterprises, Delta Adsorbents, Aquablue, Asia Packaging, Fuji Silysia Chemical Ltd., Kalpataru Pvt.Ltd., Garg Chemical Company, Natland International Corporation, GeeJay Chemicals Ltd., and SG Desiccants and International Silica Gel Co. Ltd. are some of the prominent players of Global food grade moisture absorbing packets markets.

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