Increasing Demand for Clean Label Products Fuels Pea Starch Market

pea starch market

High amylose content, hypoallergenic nature, film-forming property, and stability under high temperature are few properties that make pea starch one of the best substitutes for usual starch. It is widely used in confectionary, bakery products, soups, meat products, sauces, and dairy products. Gelling and thickening properties of pea starch makes it viable for use as gelling and thickening agent. Furthermore, the neutral taste of the pea starch is a plus.

In addition, pea starch is a rich source of amylose. It is neutral in taste and has 40% starch content. The starch has a non-GMO origin. It can be used in food products, and the food products can be labelled as gluten-free and non-allergenic labels. With increasing demand for clean-label food products, demand for pea starch is also increasing.

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Aforementioned factors are aiding in the expansion of pea starch market.

Pea starch has novel application with regards to various properties. The ingredient provides enhanced viscosity to food products, good film building, and efficient binding and texture wherever it is used. Hence, pea starch is widely used in specific kind of meat production and baked snack products.

This, in turn, is pushing the horizon of pea starch market across the globe.

Manufacturing Companies to Enhance Nutritional Content of Starch Derivatives

Besides, various food ingredient producing companies are working to enhance the nutritional content of pea starch so that the starch can be used as a fiber, which aids in calories control. Additional nutritional content will help in improving digestive health, as well. This, in turn, is expected to fuel pea starch market in coming years.

Apart from food market, pea starch is being widely used for clean labelling purpose. The new trend is presenting new growth avenue to the pea starch market.

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The paper and textile industries are among growing applications of starch. Pea starch has application in textile sizing, specifically in cotton yarns. The chemical property of pea starch is similar to that of cotton.

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