Increasing Awareness Boosts Emergency Contraceptive Pills Market

Emergency Contraceptive Pills Market

San Francisco, California, July 13, 2018 – Increasing cases of unprotected sex has fuelled the demand for emergency contraceptive. Furthermore, increasing awareness among customers and the benefits of using contraceptive pills are likely to create growth opportunities for the market. In a report by TMR Research, the market is closely studied. The report also focuses on analyzing growth opportunities across various segments within the market. It is titled “Emergency Contraceptive Pills Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025.”

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The main drivers that are increasing the demand for emergency contraceptive pills are rising trend of casual sex and ignorance about the after effects of sex among the young generation. On the downside factors such as high risk of side effects associated with the emergency contraceptive is projected to hinder the demand for emergency contraceptive pills market in the coming years.

The market for the emergency contraceptive pills has been segmented on the basis of product type, which is further divided on the basis of progesterone pills, oral contraceptives, and estrogen pills. Of these, the demand for oral contraceptive is expected to rise considerably in the coming years. The segment is likely to contribute nearly significantly in the global market in near future. The other two – progesterone pills and estrogen pills are expected to face decline in their demand during the forecast period. As the consumption of progesterone pills sometimes causes diarrhea, joint pain, breast pain, and hot flashes, the demand for progesterone pills may not experience higher demand.

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North America is leading the global emergency contraceptive pills market. Several U.S. based organizations such as the International Consortium for Emergency Contraception, are making constant efforts to improve access to emergency contraceptive pills among the people in the region. This is expected to give significant impetus to the market. Developed and emerging markets such as Europe and Asia Pacific with growing urban culture are also significantly contributing in boosting the global emergency contraceptive pills market.

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