Increasing Automation Benefits Global Surface Roughness Measurement Market

With continued advancements in industrial testing and analysis, the need for quality surfaces is increasing. A good quality surface is recommended for the deployment of various technologies and installation of equipment and machines in manufacturing sites. The global surface roughness measurement market derives immense growth from this demand for superior surfaces. According to TMR Research, the expanding application array of surface roughness measurement techniques across end-use industries supports this market considerably. The increasing investments by leading players is also boosting the growth of this market to a great extent.

Researchers at TMR Research answer some of the important queries about the worldwide surface roughness measurement market.

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Q. Which of the Regional Surface Roughness Measurement Markets Will Lead?

North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa are the main regional surface roughness measurement markets across the world. Although North America led this market till now, Asia Pacific is likely to dominate the global surface roughness measurement market over the next few years. The continued technological development and the increasing automation in the manufacturing sector will be supporting the growth of Asia Pacific surface roughness measurement market in the near future. China will dominate the market in terms of demand. The ongoing industrial revolution in the country will derive much of the demand for surface roughness measurement techniques and equipment.

Q. Which is the Most Prominent End User of Surface Roughness Measurement Techniques and Equipment?

Automotive Industry has surfaced as the key end user of surface roughness measurement techniques and equipment across the world. The significant rise in the demand for automobiles among consumers, especially in developing countries in Asia Pacific region, has encouraged manufacturers to take up automation to increase production volume and match up the demand. This, in turn, is boosting the global surface roughness measurement markets substantially.

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Carl Zeiss AG, Mitutoyo Corp., Taylor Hobson, and Tokyo Seimitsu Co. Ltd. Are some of the leading surface roughness measurement techniques and equipment providers across the world.

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