Increased Use of Genetically Modified Products to Propel Demand in Global Carbon Dioxide Incubators Market

An incubator helps in maintaining the biological samples for example microbial culture or cell lines, in favorable temperatures and environment. Among the various kinds of incubators available in the market, the carbon dioxide incubators that offer stable environment for culture of cell by monitoring and regulating temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and oxygen concentrations at a set level in the chamber, is seeing considerable uptake.

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According to a report by Transparency Market Research, the global carbon dioxide incubators market is foreseen to flourish at a strong CAGR 8.1% within the forecast period from 2017 to 2026. By the end of year 2026, the global carbon dioxide incubators market is expected to reach around US$250 mn in terms of revenue.

What factors are stirring up the demand for global carbon dioxide incubators market in coming years?

Owing to rise in genetically modified products, which are impactful in therapeutic diagnosis, the market growth is boostedDemand for water jacketed carbon dioxide incubators has seen a huge surge in pharmaceutical and biomedical sector, owing to their design upgrades and temperature strength. As far as sales and revenues are concerned, water jacketed carbon dioxide incubators will continue to rise in the market. Sales of direct heat carbon dioxide incubators and air jacketed carbon dioxide incubators are likely to remain unimpressive all through the forecast period. As different clinics and lab facilities are seeing a change in perspective towards automation, demand for carbon dioxide incubators is foreseen to rise altogether in lab research and clinical applications. This application segment is likely to be the key contributor tothe market, in terms of revenue. Nevertheless, revenues from in vitro fertilization application of carbon dioxide incubators are anticipated to rise at a slightly higher CAGR than those from lab research and clinical application by 2026.

What are the key regions propelling market demand for carbon dioxide incubators?

On the basis of geography, the global carbon dioxide incubators market is segmented to North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa. Among these, Asia-Pacific is forecasted to register highest growth. This significant growth of the market in Asia Pacific is essentially credited to rising number of research and development services in pharmaceutical and biomedical divisions. A few research facilities have been relocated to Asia Pacific nations, for example, India, Singapore, and South Korea, resulting in demand for incubators. Moreover, rise in prevalence of crop research in numerous Asia Pacific nations is also anticipated to affect demand for carbon dioxide incubators in this region. Rise in research and development exercises in biotechnology and life science sectors has driven the interest for carbon dioxide incubators in North America. Producers in North America are progressively moving their focus towards the management of carbon dioxide incubatorsas per the specific and unique requirements.. North America is expected to remain the biggest market for carbon dioxide incubators, as far as revenue is concerned.

Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd., Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Eppendorf AG, BINDER GmbH, Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc., Memmert GmbH + Co. KG, LEEC Limited, Bellco Glass, Inc., and Shanghai Boxun Medical Biological Instrument Corp. are some of the key players in the global carbon dioxide incubators market.

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