Increased Research Activities Connote Potential for Growth of Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Market

Several vendors in the global antimicrobial susceptibility testing market have shifted their focus on research activities. The key motive of this initiative is to discover new components intended for the antimicrobial susceptibility testing. The outcomes of these efforts have opened the doors for new options for laboratories and hospitals. At the same time, clinicians are taking advantage of these researches by chasing the possibilities of offering patients with superior treatment options. All these events signify the potential for the growth of the global antimicrobial susceptibility testing market.

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The market for antimicrobial susceptibility testing is anticipated to show promising growth in the upcoming period. The supporting factor for this prediction is growing encouragement from government bodies to discover efficient tests that help in detection and imaging of individual bacterial cells. Based on product types, the antimicrobial susceptibility testing market is segmented into tests and kits, automated test systems, culture media, and consumables.

Antifungal, antiparasitics, antibacterial, and others are various test types available in the market. Growing usability of these products in diagnostic laboratories, hospitals, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies is pushing the growth of the global antimicrobial susceptibility testing market. Growing number of infection-related cases is expected to boost the demand for antimicrobial susceptibility testing kits in the upcoming period.

On the basis of geographical regions, the antimicrobial susceptibility testing market is bifurcated into Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Latin America. Of them, Europe and North America offer promising growth avenues for this market. Many players in these regions are engaged in research activities to develop advance drugs. In addition, increased awareness among population about the availability of advanced treatment options is one of the key boosting factors for antimicrobial susceptibility testing market.

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