Increased Prevalence of Chronic Diseases is likely to Drive PEGylated Proteins Market

The global PEGylated proteins market is likely to be driven by the rising incidences of chronic diseases. Innovative technologies of drug delivery comprise the main and important component of drug development, with both intellectual and commercial values.

PEGylation is an ideal example of a drug delivery system, which is of immense scientific and high value commercial significance. Such significance of the system is mainly due to the noticeable improvement mad in the circulatory half-lives of therapeutics, particularly for peptides and protein. It even works for small molecule pharmaceuticals. PEGylation system has been utilized for the purpose of improvement of therapeutic potency of proteins.

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Augmented Investment in Research and Development to Sustain Growth of the Market

The global PEGylated proteins market is primarily driven by the benefits offered by the product.  It offers benefits like increase in proteolytic protection, lower immunogenicity, reduced toxicity, and prolonged half-life. Rise in the uptake of PEGylated protein-based drugs owing to augmented circulating half-life and stability. This factor is estimated to propel growth of the global PEGylated proteins market in the years to come.

Rising investment in the research and development by the various pharmaceutical as well as biopharmaceutical companies is anticipated to work in favor of the global PEGylated proteins market in the years to come.

In addition to that, rising incidences of various types of chronic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, kidney diseases, and cancer is likely to drive the demand for PEGylated proteins in the years to come. Increased preference of protein-based drugs over the non-protein ones due to the benefits offered by PEGylated proteins are also expected to influence the global PEGylated proteins market in the years to come.

Furthermore, increased awareness amongst the healthcare professionals and patients about the adverse effects of radiation therapy and chemotherapy is likely to shift the attention toward alternative solutions such as pegylated peptide-based drugs.

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