Increased preference of Bio-based Products to Augment Methyl Ester Sulfonate (MES) Market

Methyl ester sulfonates (MES) extracted from coconut oil and palm oil is picking up pace with rise in unrefined petroleum costs, trailed by the rise in petrochemicals costs.

MES is favored as it is gotten from an inexhaustible oleo-based raw material and offers great detergency, great biodegradability, and enhanced tolerance for calcium hardness. It likewise offers cost advantage over straight alkyl benzene right now utilized by cleanser makers. It offers great surfactant properties and is reasonable to be utilized in existing sulfonation plants.

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Some more significant factors of MES incorporate biodegradability, low risks, such as direct alkylbenzene sulfonates and biodegradability quicker than fatty alcohol sulfate (FAS). Nevertheless, methyl ester sulfonates have a few obstructions too. MES is described by low froth formation in detergent cleanser and formulation issues if MES is utilized in fluid frame in high pH conditions.

Driving development in the global methyl ester sulfonate (MES) market is the rising inclination for natural products alongside the solid system support for eco-friendly items. Flimsiness in the costs of oil based surfactants is another factor slated to up the general interest of bio based surfactants, for example, methyl ester sulfonate sooner rather than later. The corrective business is at the front line of creating interest for methyl ester sulfonate because of the rising positions of various buyers expanding the choice of natural cosmetics over the chemical based ones.

Methyl ester sulfonate is likewise discovers application in the making of different kinds of agro synthetic chemicals – another industry which is fundamentally adding to its market. This is on the grounds that a growing population and quick exhausting cultivable land makes a squeezing need to deliver enough food which requires the wide utilization of agrochemicals. Notwithstanding its numerous favorable circumstances, making of good quality on a business scale is an extreme task. This fills in as a noteworthy hindrance to the methyl ester sulfonate (MES) market’s development.

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