Increased cases of diabetes to Fuel Demand for Artificial Pancreas Device Systems Market

The global artificial pancreas device systems market is prognosticated to witness a decent growth within the duration of forecast period from 2016 to 2024. Pancreas is an organ in the digestive system that helps in secretion of important enzymes for metabolic process and hormones for example glucagon and insulin. The artificial device system also known as closed-loop system is design particularly to artificially regulate glucose in the body just like any naturally healthy pancreas. According to Transparency Market Research advancement in technology is likely to propel the market growth.

Diabetes is a metabolic issue. Changed way of life, altered pattern of eating junk food and fast food, and absence of physical activity are some of the lading factors prompting diabetes. These are additionally the factors contributing in the market growth of artificial pancreas device systems as well. Personal checking of insulin levels has demonstrated betterment in the patient’s health that are battling with diabetes. Utilization of advanced innovations, digitalization, and portable and wireless devices is expected going to drive the artificial pancreas device systems market. However, calibration and maintenance of the glucose monitor, modification in the effectiveness of sensors caused by fibrosis and the nature of insulin are some factors liable to obstruct the artificial pancreas device systems market.

Geographically, North America is relied upon to command the global market, with the rise in diabetes cases and developing awareness with the progression in research and innovation in the region. In any case, with the rise in diabetes cases; India, Japan, China, Pakistan, Indonesia, and the U.S. are relied upon to be one of the potential region for artificial pancreas device systems. In this way North America and Asia Pacific are pushing the global market for artificial pancreas device systems. The market in Europe is additionally prone to witness development with the growth in awareness in the region.

A few players working in the artificial pancreas device systems market are Johnson and Johnson, Medtronic, Beta Bionics, JDRF, and Pancreum, LLC.

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