Increased Awareness about Hygiene to Trigger Growth of the Disinfection Cap Market

A surge in the occurrences of hospital acquired diseases together with the increasing cases of hospital admissions are estimated to come up as important growth factors for the global disinfection cap market in the near future. Hospital-acquired infections or nosocomial infections refer to those infections that are usually found in patients admitted in hospitals to receive long-term treatment. Mostly in cases of surgical treatment, a patient requires long-term hospitalization, which increases the risk of contracting hospital-acquired infections.

Hospital-acquired infections can be contracted at ambulatory surgical centers, clinics, surgical centers, hospitals, and at long-term care facilities like nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities. Usually, patients with low immunity, geriatric population, and children are more at risk of contracting such infections. Excessive use of antibiotics, lack of proper hygiene, and use of indwelling catheters are likely to encourage growth of the global disinfection cap market over the tenure of analysis.

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According to a 2018 report published by European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), in the countries of Europe, the prevalence of hospital-acquired infections was around 7.1% and nearly 41,31,000 patients contract the infection every year in Europe alone. Such high occurrences of hospital-acquired infections demand use of disinfection caps. These caps are utilized in the disinfection of IV connectors together with removal of bacteria and various other microorganisms. This factor is likely to amplify growth opportunities for the global disinfection cap market in the forthcoming years.

Rise in the Prevalence of Cancer to Shoot Up Demand in the Market

A rise in the number of cases of chronic illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes, drives the demand for use of parenteral nutrition. This assists in the administration of vital nutrients thereby assisting in the maintenance of hydration, energy, and strength level in patients suffering from an illness. Increased prevalence of cancer is predicted to amplify the growth of the global disinfection cap market in the years to com. Disinfection caps are utilized for the purpose of decontamination of IV connectors that are used in the supply of nutrition to cancer stricken patients.

Cancer often results in the rise of abnormal functioning of gastrointestinal tract, development of various physical obstructions, and increased occurrences of stomach ulcers. All of these conditions require parenteral nutrition. In addition, cancer therapies lead to weakening of human body and strip the body of nutrients to such an extent that the patient may even die. Unintentional loss of weight and anorexia are associated with cancer and needs replenishment of nutrients parenteral route of administration, which is likely to pave way for growth of the global disinfection cap market over the period of assessment.

Driven by Rise in HAI, Asia Pacific to Offer Promising Growth Opportunities

Driven by the rising number of surgeries, North America is predicted to remain one of the prominent regions in the global disinfection cap market. In addition, a rise in the number of healthcare workers is predicted to place increased demand for disinfectants and antiseptics in North America, thereby driving the disinfection cap market in the region.

Asia Pacific is projected to come up as a rapidly growing region, all because of the rise in the number of hospital-acquired infections, typhoid fever, cholera, and food poisoning. Besides, growing awareness about cleanliness and ongoing crisis of COVID-19 is likely to generate increased demand for the product in the region.

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Market Players to Opt for Investment in Research and Development

Some of the reputed players profiled in the study of global disinfection cap market comprise Phenomenome Discoveries Inc., Human Metabolome Technologies, Inc., Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Bio- Rad Laboratories, Inc., Biocrates Life Sciences AG, and Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Increased funding in the research and development activities by the companies is likely to pave way for acquiring greater share in the market.

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