In the wind to revive traditional Recipes, Sauerkraut bounce off with bang

Tracing back its lost existence to 4th century B.C., sauerkraut is now a choice of fermented food as fermented foods become a fad. Individuals of all age groups world over for their nutritional value are increasingly adopting fermented foods.

Traditionally, sauerkraut is produced by spontaneous fermentation that relies on lactic acid bacteria naturally present in cabbage. However, with the rising commercial production of sauerkraut, culture based medium is the current trend pacing up for uniform quality.

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The growth of sauerkraut market benefits from numerous in vitro investigations for the potential benefits of sauerkraut. Also, some epidemiological data suggests potential positive effects of sauerkraut on health.

The health benefitting properties of sauerkraut are supported by strong evidence from experimental studies. These studies demonstrate specific phytochemical of sauerkraut possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, along with chemopreventive action against certain types of cancer.

With the appetitive for New Foods, New-age Consumer set out Demand

At present, the sauerkraut market is witnessing healthy growth. Changing food preferences and demand for new foods by the new-age urban consumer bodes well for the growth of sauerkraut market. Extensive global travel that provides an opportunity to taste new foods, traditional foods is generally well received by the modern consumer. With the appetite to savour new foods and desire to carry back home new recipes, the new-age consumer is creating a buzz for these foods. This bodes well for the demand for sauerkraut as well.

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Owing to the encouraging demand of basic sauerkraut, it is now available in a range of flavours. Apple ginger sauerkraut, garlic dill sauerkraut, and caraway sauerkraut are some new combinations of sauerkraut. Such novelties of flavours are serving to boost the sauerkraut market.

North America is a leading consumer of sauerkraut. A large immigrant population in the region has helped revive lost recipes that includes sauerkraut. The sauerkraut market is thus boosted.

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