In Four Years, Doctors to Use Intelligent Systems for Surgery

Global bodies like World Health Organization (WHO) are emphasizing on the need to improve surgical devices. A logical solution to this is integration of operating rooms (ORs) to intelligent surgical systems. A Frost & Sullivan report predicts 45% operating rooms will install intelligent technologies in the coming days. The reports ascertain a four-year long period for this fundamental change to take shape. Furthermore, it is easy to improve the predictability and precision of surgical devices through this change.

Relevance of Intelligent Surgical Systems

Senior analysts from the healthcare industry believe that bespoke ORs could soon be a reality. The advent of home care devices might aid the development of hub-and-spoke models of ORs. The domain of transformational health has attracted voluminous investments from multiple sources including government authorities. Opportunities worth $30 billion are currently at the disposal of healthcare companies. This trend has relieved the financial flux on the healthcare industry with regard to development of custom ORs.

The researchers also pointed to the relevance of data interoperability in predicting health outcomes. Furthermore, the patient wellness index could also be improved with the help of intelligent surgical systems. However, the development of intelligent ORs also faces a number of challenges. Intelligent ORs and surgical devices face a severe threat from cyberattacks and intrusions.

Revolutionizing Healthcare

The report in question also suggests the use of artificial intelligence technologies within medicine. These technologies can be deployed to study the rate of readmission, and the possible causes behind it. Furthermore, the report also elucidates the relevance of virtual reality (VR) in medicine.
Royal Philips is amongst the few companies that have successfully integrated augmented reality within the domain of surgery. The company has partnered with Microsoft to develop a nascent system for intelligent surgical operations. Several similar products are in the pipeline across different companies.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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