In a bid to serve Changing Consumer Taste, demand for Food Emulsifiers witness bang

At present, the food emulsifiers market is one that is facing the burden of innovation. Firstly, due to rapidly changing food preferences, innovation in food emulsifiers is becoming a necessity to cater to food choices of this population. Food emulsifiers help stabilise a mixture of two liquids that are immiscible. For example, food emulsifier if added to oil and water mixture immediately polarises to stabilise the solution.

Secondly, food emulsifiers face threat of reduced demand due to increasing use of alternatives such as enzymes. This compels innovation in the food emulsifiers market. Keen players, namely Archer Daniels Midland Company and Cargill have ramped up R&D to come up with newer products. Such initiatives will serve to provide an edge to these companies in the food emulsifiers market.

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Thus, in the light of changing consumer tastes, the growth of food emulsifiers market in future will be influenced by some key aspects summarized below;

• Incessantly rising consumption of processed foods is driving the demand for a number of food stabilizing agents. This includes food emulsifiers that impart a smooth texture to the final product. Thus, the food emulsifiers market is gaining.
• Plant-based food emulsifiers are likely to supersede in terms of demand over animal-based products. The higher demand of plant-based food emulsifiers is because of less harm and higher stability in food formulations.
• Application-wise, the food emulsifiers market is divided into bakery products, convenience foods, dairy & frozen desserts, confectionery products, meat products, and others. Among them, dairy & frozen desserts display leading demand for food emulsifiers. This is mainly because dairy & frozen desserts have set standards for smooth and creamy texture. The preparation of dairy and frozen desserts involves immiscible ingredients that need to be stabilised. Food emulsifiers serve to stabilise the ingredients and attain the required creamy texture.

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