IMST- A Novel Exercise to Control Blood Pressure

With an age-old study, researchers from CU Boulder developed a novel ultra-time efficient exercise to control blood pressure. It is known as inspiratory muscle strength training. Initially, it developed in the 1980s to keep critical people off ventilators. This exercise included brisk breathing with the help of a hand-held device. With the new training, researchers focused on strength training for muscles along with breathing.

Managed Muscle Energy can Save People from Different Damages

The key findings of the study will help individuals exercise at ease without changing clothes or going into a proper setup. It is also highly beneficial in lowering blood pressure, and boosting physical and cognitive performance.

When the researchers from the University of Arizona examined 30 inhalations, the performance improved every day. This is due to the greater resistance that helped them obstruct sleep apnea. Moreover, having a stronger diaphragm and restful sleep with efficient inspiratory muscles showed astonishing results. The systolic blood pressure plunged 12 millimeters of mercury, twice the results of aerobic exercise and way more than medication can deliver. Systolic blood pressure symbolizes pressure in vessels. Heartbeat increases as arteries stiffen with age. This can also increase the chances of a heart attack due to damaged blood-starved tissue, kidney damage or cognitive decline.

IMST lead to a significant drop in blood pressure and improved functions in large arteries. It also performed better on various memory and cognitive tests as well. Furthermore, people following IMST could spend a long time on the treadmill and consume lower oxygen during exercise. However, researchers are pressuring on further research and spreading awareness about consulting doctors before adopting IMST.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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