Improving Computer Memory through Bismuth Ferrite

Research related to computer programs and software has become immensely popular across global organisations. A research conducted by physicists at University of Arkansas delves into the dynamics of computer memory. The research points to the use of niche materials for improving computer memory. The scientists analyzed a range of materials to find a potential memory-booster for computers. Scientists founds that Bismuth Ferrite, commonly known as BFO, holds tremendous potential for improving computer memory. BFO can store information at a much faster pace as against other alternatives. Furthermore, bismuth ferrite may find use in electronic devices, transducers, and sensors. The use of BFO for improving computer memory could open new avenues for growth in hardware technologies.

Use of Magnetic Field for Information Storage

The current technology for memory storage on a computer uses magnetic fields. This process requires humongous amount of energy, and could create energy deficits in the long run. Furthermore, around 99 percent of this energy is lost in the form of heat. As a result, the research hints at finding an alternate route to avoid energy wastage. They tried to use an electric field to store information and a magnetic field to read it. Moreover, bismuth ferrite can respond to magnetic as well electric field, and can be used for improving computer memory.

Future Research

The researchers are finding avenues for optimizing the response rate of BFS to magnetic and electric fields. The improved response of BFS to these fields has been termed as “electroacoustic magnon”. Further, scientists say that the current research can open new avenues for research in computer storage.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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