Immunotherapy pins hope for new cancer treatments, says research

In a breakthrough development in medical science, immunotherapy is emerging to be alternative for traditional cancer treatments. Until so far, for cancer treatment, patients were limited to four options: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and targeted therapy. However, since a long time, harnessing the power of the immune system to attack and destroy cancerous cells is the Holy Grail, opine medical researchers.

Nonetheless, recent breakthroughs in immune-oncology and new findings reveal to be close to treat cancer with immunotherapies. The findings of the study is published in Science.

Meanwhile, with advancement in medicine, immunologists have discovered methods to engineer some critical elements of human anatomy. Immunologists now engineer T-cells and white blood cells to help to detect and target cancer cells and remove them from the body. The approach has led to interesting advances in cancer treatment and for remission in some patients. Nonetheless, more research is required before this T-cell therapy becomes more accessible.

Alternatively, some other approaches developed that stimulate the immune system without eliminating the T-cells from the body. Termed bispecific T-cell engaging antibodies, the ‘off-the-shelf’ protein-based treatments have proven to be effectual in treating patients with severe lymphoblastic leukemia.

For such treatments, the ideal to make protein molecules with two arms. The first arm to detect the cancer cell and fasten to it. Whilst, the second arm binds to T-cells. In this structure, the protein drug brings the T-cells close to the tumor cells, which activates the T-cells to kill the tumor cells.

Importantly, the two-armed proteins would avoid healthy cells and attack only cancer cells. This technique of protein-based immunotherapy could make a difference, said the lead researcher.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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