Immersive Learning is the Key in Gamification in Education Paradigm

Over the past few years, emerging pedagogical paradigms have considerably shaped and redefined trends in education. These trends have further been strengthened by rapid advances in ICT. The advent of gamification has opened a new trajectory in immersive learning for students in the education sector. Gamification in education has unarguably motivated students and learners foster a positive approach toward learning. The immersive experience that come with various gaming mechanics, such as point scoring, rules, and competition, is what drives a positive engagement leading to better learning.

The changing learning objectives of students, world over, has led to innovative approaches toward their cognitive development and their overall social growth. This, essentially, is the key factor propelling the expansion of the gamification in education market. Two of the most notable paradigms that keep students attracted toward gamification in education are social connection and fostering the spirit of competition.

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Instructional Designers try to promote Students’ Engagement through Gamification

New paradigms in gamification in education have attracted instructional designers use their skills to enrich game elements. This is done with an emphasis to bring long-term advantage in learning. A key approach they adopt in this direction is devising a learning strategy in sync with core human values. For instance, games that reward the students keeping in mind their personalized goals are likely to gather steam in the gamification in education market. Such rewards may pertain to awarding extra credit, offering more fun loving activities, or homework passes. In addition, progress indicators offers a sense of accomplishment in the gamification in education market. This also helps learners set new goals and challenges in the gamification in education market.

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The growing ubiquity of digital devices in the education sector is creating promising frontiers in the gamification in education market. There is increasing propensity for gamification in corporate learning. This is boosting the market.

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