Immense Potential of Mini LED Market to Encourage Several Market Players to Tap into Growth

Mini LED is not a new concept. However, it is undoubtedly an evolutionary one. In the plethora of display technologies, mini LED has been able to secure a good and respectable position. That too in between the two ends of the spectrum – standard LED and micro LED. A great assortment of digital display technologies are being used across smart displays, TVs, PCs, and monitors among others. These displays have a combination of LED to provide broad range of color gamut. The objective for the device manufacturers is always to produce a display as engaging and as close to real-life experience as possible. This has led to the growth of the global mini LED market and also an intense competition in the market.

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The demand for mini LEDs has been growing at a great pace. The demand has been so vast that prominent companies such as Apple had to overlook OLEDs and choose mini LEDs to be installed in their devices such MacBook and iPads. The company has announced that they will exclusively use mini LEDs in their devices by the 2021. Such increasing adoption is one of the biggest reasons behind the growth of the global mini LED market.

Some of the recent notable developments of the global mini LED market are given below:

  • LED manufacturers in Taiwan are breathing in a new life in the development of mini LEDs. They are investing large sums for the production of mini LED. The chip makers in the region have expanded the shipments so as to meet the increasing demand. For instance, Epistar Corp has already started the shipment of their mini LEDs since 2018.
  • Another Taiwanese company called Lexter is trying to tap into the immense potential of mini LEDs. For that they are targeting VR panels, gaming products, and automotive displays among others.

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