IIoT Platform Market Growth and Restrain Factors Analysis Report

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market is driven by multiple factors. The growing automation demand in industries, an increasing number of intelligent and cost-effective devices and sensors, and the emergence of IPv6 are some of these factors. Further increased demand for integrated monitoring and anticipating assets maintenance, a proliferation of IoT devices, and an increased number of government initiatives in R&D ventures related to IoT are other crucial factors to boost IIoT market. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many verticals from industries such as utilities, healthcare, transportation and logistics, and manufacturing are adopting IoT devices. This boosts the demand for the IIoT platform market.

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Use Cases of IIoT Expanding in Discrete Manufacturing

In healthcare, IIoT is productively used in telemedicine solutions.  For example, remote diagnosis with solutions, remote patient monitoring, connected ambulance, and healthcare workers are some features. Thus, increasing number of COVID-19 cases has boosted prospects in IIoT market for improving healthcare services. The impact on the energy industry has enabled business leaders to consider the replacement of physical intervention of field workers from infrastructure with IIoT platform. The organizations are planning to use the IIoT platform for remote services and control, remote monitoring, alerts, and notifications, and predictive analytics to combat potential failures with the use of historical and real-time data.

IIoT platforms combine various machines, sensors, devices, routers, gateways, edge computing systems, and controllers at a centralized system to streamline company proceedings and operational efficiency. The products in IIoT platform market are adopted to ensure the security, safety, and criticality of industrial assets. Apart from this, platforms also analyze data in the cloud and at the IoT edge. Furthermore, IIoT platform provides solutions to support verticals of the discrete industry with workforce tracking, predictive management, and logistics and supply chain management. The discrete industries manufacture automobiles, toys, furniture, airplanes, and smartphones.

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IT professionals are required for the deployment and management of the IIoT platform. Many IoT devices are added to the networks that make the management tasks more complex for IT professionals. Providing regular training to these professionals will help in the growth of the IIoT platform market. 

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