Hysterical Social Media and Fashion Following is a Key Driver for Eyelid Surgery Market

Across the globe people are highly conscious about the overall appearance and their skin looks. Such trends have thus led to an increasing demand for plastic surgeries. Similarly, one such surgery that has turned out to be increasingly popular is the eyelid surgery.

The biggest driving factor for the growth of the global eyelid surgery market is its huge popularity among the geriatric population. Ageing people suffer from bulges and wrinkles and they are thus increasingly opting for going under the knife to revive their appearance. This has thus helped in pushing the development of the global eyelid surgery market.

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Another important factor that has helped the growth of the global eyelid surgery market is fact that it helps in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of patient’s eyes. The surgery can correct baggy, droopy, or other eyelid defects or disfiguration. This has led to fuel its popularity across a wide range of age groups.

Some key trends in the growth of the global eyelid surgery market are given below:

  • Increasing use of non-surgical techniques for eyelid surgery by the medical professionals has lent a significant hand for its market growth. These new surgical procedures are minimally invasive, require no anesthesia, and have a considerably low recovery period. Naturally, more people are opting such new surgical procedures and are helping the market to grow furthers.
  • The world of fashion, music, and social media is constantly evolving. Masses blindly follow their favorite celebrities and icons to various lengths. A recent trend that gripped South Korea was immense following of K-pop girl band SixBomb. It was revealed that the band members underwent eyelid surgery for their appearance. This led to massive surge in the number of eyelid surgeries in South Korea.

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Some of the key players in the global eyelid surgery market include names such as Stanford Health Care, USA Plastic Surgery, and London Bridge Plastic Surgery among others.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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