Hypothalamus Linked to Physical Age Maintenance

While many may agree that feeling young at heart is all a mind game, new research points out that there may be a lot more to this game than previously thought. According to a study that was recently published in “Nature,” there is new and increasingly convincing evidence on the link between the brain’s hypothalamus and the aging process of the human body. The research was conducted in the Bronx’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Could the Mind Actually Control Aging?
One of the more interesting factors pointed out in the study is the relationship between neural stem cells and the control over aging of the body. These stem cells show a very healthy rate of growth in terms of mitosis, long after the brain has fully developed. Over time, however, their population starts to drop. This is a normal aging process where the neural stem cells that produce key factors start dropping in numbers. Lab tests have found that the natural stem cells are present in the hypothalamus, and these cells decrease over time. After a while, they disappear, denoting old age.

The Link Between the Two
However, scientists that were a part of the study tried to kill off the stem cells prematurely in mice, an experiment that showed that the mice were dying 10% faster. In the end they postulated that there was some chemical that the stem cells themselves produce after a while, resulting in their deaths. The overall results of the test showed that there was indeed a strong link between the stem cells in the hypothalamus and the human body’s natural aging process.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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