Hygiene Factor Serving As Growth Multiplier for Pool Clarifiers Market

The pool clarifiers market is set to observe good growth during the forecast period of 2019-2029 with rising concerns of hygiene as the main growth factor. Pool clarifiers are cleaning agents consisting of polymers that act as coagulants on minute particles. These clarifiers are responsible for clarifying cloudy water. They bind all small particles and convert them into larger ones so that the filters can efficiently remove them. Pool clarifiers remove all the germs and harmful contents in the swimming pool that can cause human harm.

Pool clarifiers are used across residential pools, commercial pools, and municipal pools. Demand is more likely to soar from commercial pools and municipal pools as numerous people swim in these pools. Post-COVID-19-lockdown, regular cleaning of the pools will be a stringent routine followed by the pool authorities. Thus, this can bring great growth opportunities for the pool clarifiers market. Based on function, the pool clarifiers market can be segmented into heavy-duty clarifier and mild flocculent, clarifier tablets, foam clarifier, and liquid clarifiers.

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COVID-19 Pandemic to Serve As a Great Growth Opportunity for Pool Clarifiers Market

The new coronavirus pandemic has restricted all swimming pool activities almost all over the globe. Many pools lying unused are in grave need of maintenance. Hence, this may prove to be a good opportunity for the pool clarifiers market to gain growth. The COVID-19 outbreak has raised alarm bells in terms of hygiene across the world. As of now, no vaccine is available for prevention of COVID-19. Therefore, maintaining hygiene standards and practicing physical distancing is the only cure for preventing the spread of SARS-CoV-2. This applies to swimming pools also. Consistent maintenance for keeping the swimming pool free of viruses and germs sheds considerable light on the use of pool clarifiers for the same. Hence, the post-lockdown phase may also bring good growth for the pool clarifiers market.

Power-Packed With Advantages

Pool clarifiers have a variety of benefits that makes them a star among pool cleaning solutions. Pool clarifiers not only prevent the spread of COVID-19 to a certain extent but also help in preventing water-related illnesses. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), E.Coli and Giardia are commonly found in cloudy pools and cause a plethora of diseases and disorders such as pink eye, respiratory infections, ear infections, and diarrhea. Using pool clarifiers can lessen the danger of illnesses caused due to such bacteria.

Low-visibility caused due to murky water strengthens the risk of drowning or pool-related accidents. There have been many instances when such incidents have taken place. Thus, pool clarifiers prove to be life-savers in this context. In addition, contaminated water attracts mosquitoes and other pests that cause deadly diseases like malaria and dengue. This can be avoided with consistent maintenance of the pool through the use of pool clarifiers. Hence, these advantages prove to be game-changers for the pool clarifiers market in terms of the increase in growth rate.

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Manufacturers in the pool clarifiers market are focusing on properties that assist in improving the quality and efficiency of the products. They are focusing on developing foam-free clarifiers that makes swimming pool ready to be used instantly after application. Highly-concentrated pool clarifiers may also help the pool clarifiers market cover the extra mile of growth. For instance, there are products that can treat over 10000 gallons of water by using just an ounce of the liquid solution. Such economically useful pool clarifiers can greatly benefit the demand in pool clarifiers market.

Key players involved in the pool clarifiers market are Zodiac Group Australia Pvt Ltd., Aqua Clear Products Ltd., SwimSafe Pool Solutions, and Natural Chemistry Inc.

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