Hydroponics Substrate Market to Expand Alongside Growth of Agriculture and Gardening Sectors

The global market for hydroponics substrate has been expanding on account of the growth of the domain of hydroculture. In the absence soil, Hydroponic substrates assist the growth of plants in water enriched with key nutrients. Hydroponic substrates work upon the root of plants in order to trigger the growth of plants and legumes. Furthermore, the hydroponic substrates help plants in attaching to a point where they can get sufficient amount of nutrients while retaining moisture. These substrates also help the plant roots to get aerated and utilise the nutrients towards the growth of the plant. Owing to these benefits offered by hydroponic substrates, the demand within the global market for hydroponic substrates has been rising at a sturdy rate. The gardening and agricultural sectors are the key consumers of hydroponic substrates; however, they are also a part of experiments, tests, and analysis drills in labs and research centers. Some of the hydroponic substrates used in the agricultural sector include vermiculite, perlite, clay pellets, and rockwool. A report added by Transparency Market Research (TMR) untangles the complexities of the global market for hydroponic substrates to give a crisp and clear view of the market. The title of the report is “Hydroponics Substrate Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 – 2025”.

The agriculture and gardening sectors are characterised by intricacies and a need to be equipped with all the means for plant growth. This has driven demand within the global market for hydroponic substrates in recent times, and has resulted in greater productivity of certain crops and plants. The easy availability of hydroponic substrates along with its their cost-effective have also led to the popularity of the global market. Furthermore, the chemical inertness of hydroponic substrates gives them a mark of distinction as against other substrates. Besides, cultivable land has been diminishing over the past decade, and this has compelled the agricultural sector to increase the yield through the usage of external elements. This has directly contributed towards the growth of the global market for hydroponic substrates and has increase the success rate of the market players. Hence, it is safe to projects that the demand within the global market for hydroponic substrates would trace an escalating graph over the coming years.

Based on geography, the market for hydroponic substrates in North America has touched new milestones by emerging as the largest regional segment in terms of market share. The subsidization of rates of agricultural inputs coupled with the availability of skilled farmers has led to the growth of the regional market.

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Some of the key players in the global market for hydroponic substrates are Grodan Rockwool, CANNA, and Malaysia hydroponics. These market players have reaped the benefits of advancements in the agriculture and gardening sectors.

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