Hydrogen Storage Systems Have Game-Changing Potential as Clean Energy

Hydrogen storage technologies have transformative potential in providing clean energy to meet worldwide energy needs of renewable energy. A number of countries seeing the vast potential in these technologies are aiming to deploy large-scale hydrogen storage systems. The groundwork for hydrogen storage economy has already been laid, notably in the U.S., Australia, China, and Japan. Governments in these nations are aiming at making hydrogen storage competitive with natural gas. Numerous trends have become game-changing factors in the changing scenario in the hydrogen storage market. This has helped in the expansion of hydrogen storage infrastructure.

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One of the key trends has been the dropping in the prices of electrolytic hydrogen production. Availability of low-cost wind and solar energy in the production has made hydrogen storage competitive with non-renewable sources. This is also unlocking promising potential in hydrogen storage market.

Ambitions to Use Hydrogen as Transport Fuel Fillip Demand Considerably

Another momentum to the rapid expansion of the hydrogen storage market is high ambitions for numerous countries to use hydrogen as vehicle fuel, especially for passenger cars particularly trucks and buses. Efforts to commercialize hydrogen-powered road vehicles have propelled the demand for higher performance hydrogen storage systems. Countries at the forefront are Japan and the U.S. These countries are expending efforts and money in developing fuel tanks for hydrogen storage.

New Approaches to Sustainable Hydrogen Storage Technologies Open New Opportunities

The U.S. particularly has been forking out money to find out optimal hydrogen storage materials. Further, they have been conducting research to circumvent key challenges in devising sustainable hydrogen storage technologies that can store bulk quantities. There is also search for materials that can make large scale hydrogen transport possible. The research community has in recent years come out with new approaches to develop materials to meet the end. Nanoparticles in this regard hold some potential. A multidimensional approach, contends experts, will certainly help and pave way to new avenues in the hydrogen storage market.

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