Human Immunodeficiency Virus Therapeutics to Advance on back of Biological and Chemical Engineering Technologies

The scourge of human immunodeficiency virus-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) is spreading fast with thousands of new infections coming to the fore every day. A range of therapeutic regimens target HIV and concomitant infectious pathogens. However, HIV/AIDS management is contingent upon taking long-term medication, with limitations of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) presenting a large gap in the management. Oftentimes, patients have to undergo lifelong medication, leading to the concerns of drug toxicity, high cost of treatment, and high generation rate of escape mutants. These factors aside, the lack of an effective vaccines and low adherence to preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP) have improved the management of HIV.

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Antibody-mediated Therapy See Considerable Potential

The risk of opportunistic infections is also accelerating the progression of AIDS, causing socioeconomic upheaval in some nations. Meanwhile, for long, researchers have struggled with improving the clinical potential of small-molecule inhibitors, but has faced multiple challenges. More recently, the HIV therapeutics market is seeing a promising therapeutic modality in antibody-mediated therapy. A growing body of research has demonstrated the potential of broad neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs) as anti-HIV therapy, thus broadening the prospects in the HIV therapeutics market. More importantly, a spate of therapeutic antibodies approved by the FDA in recent years is boosting the market. bnAbs hold special potential in the HIV therapeutic market due to its effectiveness to target multiple HIV-1 viral strains.

Strides being made by biological and chemical engineering technologies have helped researchers to test new small-molecule antagonists in randomized phase trials over the past few years. An assortment of antibodies are being tested in clinical trials, thus catalyzing the expansion in the HIV therapeutics market. Anti-HIV bnAbs have been attracting sizable industry findings. On the other hand, strides made in pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics will likely open new avenues in the HIV therapeutics market.

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