How Isolation Techniques Can Protect Heart Tissues during Heart Attacks?

A research study in the Journal of the American Heart Association, reveals a potential use for heart tissues. The research was aimed at preventing heart tissues from collapsing during heart attacks. Scientists from the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute studied various compounds to evaluate their shielding action during heart attacks. And, they discovered a special compound that may protect heart tissues from severe damage. The compound is capable of preserving healthy cells in the heart tissues. 

Understanding Potential Damage 

Heart attack can severely damage muscle tissues. The new compound helps restore health of the heart tissues. Time plays an important role in maintaining health of the heart cells in the event of an attack. Further, heart cells die when blood supply is cut-off for long. Blood supplied to the heart contains oxygen that rejuvenates the heart cells. Reduced blood supply to isolated parts of the heart cell results in a condition called hypoxic ischemic injury. Moreover, the dying heart cells are capable of sending signals to other healthy cells. This aggrandizes the problem, and magnifies the damage caused to heart tissues.

Managing Heart Attacks to Alleviate Damage

Communication of damaged cells with healthy cells causes “Bystander effect”. Hence, the scientists identified the need to quarantine an area where the dying cells cannot send signals from. This could help in ensuring that the neighbouring cells remain unaffected by the dying cells. The molecule developed by the scientists localizes the group of dying cells to prevent other cells. The medical research industry has made several attempts to dilute the bystander effect.

The research may open new avenues for managing heart attacks. Furthermore, other entities and medical centers are also expected to take inspiration from the findings to conduct further research.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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