Hot Sauce Market : Rising Popularity of Asian Cuisine Across Globe Fuelling Demand, says TMR

Transparency Market Research has published a new report, titled “Hot Sauce Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2016 – 2024.” The market for hot sauce is expanding at a noticeable rate and has grown tremendously in the recent past. People in the United States are mostly using mustard sauce, bbq sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, and slowly the people here have also started using the hot sauce. Hot sauce is also witnessing tremendous expansion rate throughout other regions where Asian cuisine is preferred by the young generation. This market is predicted to continue to have a fast the growth in the years to come because it is predicted that there will be a high demand for hot sauce in native culinary styles of several regions as people adopt it. The growth in the consumption of ready to eat food items is also expected to facilitate the growing number of roles that hot sauces are gaining in the diet of people.

The main reason behind the growth of hot sauces throughout the world is the consumption of Asian food especially Latin and Indian cuisine throughout the world. Today, because of the growing globalisation as well as the growing young population, there is a consumption of a wide variety of food by the people of the young generation who mostly prefer spices, thereby bringing in more income for the global hot sauce market. Plus, because of the growth in consumption of fast food by people who live in cities is another reason that is boosting the growth of the hot sauce market, especially in the Asian countries. The improvement in the lifestyle of the people has allowed people to try a variety of food items, which is again an attribute that is fuelling the growth of the hot sauces market. Also, the rise in the number of travellers throughout the world is also boosting the need for hot sauces.

Globally, Japan is the highest consumer of hot sauces in the world. Singapore, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia make heavy usage of spices in their foods. North America is predicted to be the quickest growing market for hot sauces as the young generation in this region are keen on eating spicy food and also the restaurants in the North America are offering more and more foods that make use of hot sauces. The demand in Western Europe is predicted to have a slow growth as people in this region are more health conscious and so people here are expected to prefer healthy food more, thus the market of the western Europe does not have a very big share in the global market of hot sauces.

Even Asia and Middle East are predicted to have a stable demand for hot sauces. Latin America is expected to continue to be a key market for the hot sauces market because of the large demand coming in from Brazil and Mexico. Researchers have shown that the population of people above sixty five have high demand for hot sauces, thus the demand in Japan is predicted to grow manifold the assessment period.

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Names of key players operating within the global hot sauce market are: Salsas Tierra Brava, B&G Foods, Huy Fong Foods, Sinaloa Food Co., Frito-Lay, Inc, Fresh Foods International LLc, Sunrise Foods LLC, KCT Food Inc., Obelisk International Foodstuff Inc., Socodal Conserves, Yu Lin Chilli Sauce Company.

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