Hospital Gowns to witness Rapid Demand for Reducing Infection Rates in Hospitals

Hospital gowns have for long occupied a prominent position in hospital wear for patients, mainly for those undergoing surgery. Their use is stirred by their rising role in reducing hospital-acquired infections (HAI). Rising incidence of HAI is a key determinant shaping the demand dynamic of the hospital gowns market. Hospital gowns have also picked up demand in healthcare facilities and clinics in various countries driven by the growing number of surgeries and clinical procedures of various types. The growing occurrence of microbial contaminations and infections in hospitals in several developed countries has bolstered the demand for better hospital gowns.

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According to projections by TMR Research, on account of these trends and more, the hospital gowns market is likely to witness steady growth.

Advances made in Antimicrobial Medical Textile Technology to drive Innovation

However, design considerations for hospital gowns have attracted little attention of manufacturers, as a result of which the market has seen tepid advancement in functions. Hospital gowns have not much changed from the traditional tie-in-the-back gowns popularly won by patients. Nonetheless, advances made in antimicrobial medical textile technology have enabled manufacturers to bring innovation in the market. A recent study published in The Journal of Hospital Infection has revealed that copper-infused hospital gowns in some hospitals in North Carolina, U.S., has resulted in significant drop in the infection rates. These infections were primarily caused by multi-drug resistant organisms and the bacteria Clostridium difficile.

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Large Patient Base and Improving Healthcare Facilities in Developing Countries fuel Demand

In several developing and developed countries, governments are proactive in reducing the risk of HAI in healthcare facilities. Hence, clinicians and doctors are increasingly recommending the use of hospital gowns to minimize the risk. Burgeoning patient base undergoing surgeries in emerging economies, such as in Asia Pacific, is a key factor catalyzing the expansion of the market. Moreover, improvements in healthcare facilities of these economies have provided robust impetus to the demand for hospital gowns. Focus of some textile manufacturers to develop new line of hospital gowns for children is also underpinning the waves of innovation in the market.

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