Higher Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables spurts Demand for Tebuconazole to Prevent Damage

Factors such as rising incidents of attack on crop by pests, harmonized pest management, advancement and change in agricultural technologies, changing dietary pattern, and increasing growth opportunities in developing countries are fuelling the tebuconazole market.

Rising disposable incomes and rising economic prosperity in developing countries have led to higher consumption of fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, rising demand for exotic fruits in developing countries requires long distance transportation. This has led to changed agricultural practices and use of chemicals at various stages of crop production. A substantial amount of fruits and vegetables get damaged post harvest due to fungal and bacterial attack. To prevent this, fruits and vegetables need to be treated with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial chemicals after harvest. Tebuconazole is a fungicide commonly applied on fruits and vegetables in the form of a spray.

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Changing eating habits, wherein seeds and nuts are consumed on a regular basis has led to their increased production. Seeds and nuts are highly susceptible to infestation, thus it requires to use anti-fungal chemicals to prevent damage. Tebuconazole is extensively used to prevent damage to seeds and nuts during storage.

Seed Treatment End-use Segment at Forefront of Demand

Tebuconazole finds use as a wood preservative as well. Wood furniture, fittings, and fixtures are sprayed with tebuconazole to prevent fungal infestation. However, seed treatment end-use segment finds maximum demand in the tebuconazole market.

North America is at the forefront among other regions in the tebuconazole market. Extensive measures to prevent damage of crop post harvest is a reason for use of fungicides and other chemicals in the region.

Asia pacific, is fast emerging as a significant region in the tebuconazole market. Changing agricultural practices to feed people of the world’s two highest population countries in the region has led to common use of fungicides and other chemicals. This serves to be a plus for the growth of tebuconazole market in the region.

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