High Prevalence of Vision Problems to Boost Global Vision Screeners Market

Vision problems are very common in present times and it is found in people of all age groups. Lack of proper eye care, lack of proper nutrition and eye check all contribute toward vision problems. In addition to this, unhealthy lifestyle, continuous eye stress, and bacterial infections contribute toward the growth of the global vision screeners market in near future. Many of the manufacturers have come up with vision screeners that can diagnose and identify the extent of vision disorders on various patients.

Furthermore, in present times, eye care clinics have accepted sophistication in treatment procedures. Medical practitioners and doctors are focusing on the requirement of more resilience in the ophthalmological field. Additionally, the medical fraternity has repeatedly exhibited its changing requirements, which has fuelled the growth of global vision screeners market over the assessment period.

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Diabetes Emerges as one of the Leading Reasons for Visions Problems Worldwide

The global vision screeners market is anticipated to be driven by the increased occurrences of vision problems, which is found among people of all age groups and in all regions. Furthermore, increased investment in healthcare coupled with technological advancement in the branch of ophthalmology has opened up new scope of growth for the global vision screeners market. Diabetes is a highly prevalent disease that has affected millions across the globe.

According to the estimates of International Diabetes Federation, nearly 425 mn adults were living with diabetes in 2017 and by 2045, the figure is estimated to rise to 629 mn. With such massive prevalence of diabetes, the global vision screeners market is likely to expand rapidly. Diabetes is one of the leading causes for vision problems.

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Digital eye strain, also known as computer vision syndrome, has emerged as new vision disorder. Occurrence of digital eye strain necessitate the demand for effective and efficient vision screening tests, especially for the people who work with computers for long hours.                 

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