High Demand in the Preparation of Salt to Bolster Perchloric Acid Market

Perchloric acid refers to a corrosive, odourless, and colorless inorganic liquid that is oily in nature. This acid is utilized in the separation of potassium from sodium and is used in industrial processes and laboratory tests. Perchloric acid finds use in the preparation of perchlorate salts, particularly ammonium perchlorate, and it is an important fuel component for rocket. This acid is extremely corrosive and quickly forms into mixtures, which are potentially explosive. Such wide variety of uses is likely to amplify growth opportunities for the global perchloric acid market in the years to come.

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Demand to Ride on the Back of Increased Use of the Acid in the Space Industry

This acid comes with reducing concentrations, hassle-free handling, and extensive usability, which is likely to widen growth opportunities of the global perchloric acid market in the years to come. Augmented use of this acid in automobile, defense, and aerospace sectors is estimated to bolster growth of the global perchloric acid market in the near future. In addition, this acid is widely utilized in airbags and with the emergence of stringent safety norms in several countries mandating use of airbags, at least at the driver’s side is likely to bolster growth of the market.

With changes in technology, increased use as a catalyst for the purpose of synthesis of chemicals is likely to generate demand for perchloric acid in the years to come. In addition to that, augmented demand for the acid for use in the pharmaceutical industry is expected to support development of the global perchloric acid market over the period of forecast. Such high demand from the pharmaceutical sector is mainly due to increased production of active pharmaceutical ingredients or API.

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The acid is utilized extensively in the aerospace industry for the purpose of rocket launches. With several space launches taking place and China alone having launched around 39 space vehicles last year, the global perchloric acid market is set to grow considerably.

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