High Demand from Petrochemical Industry Benefits Hydrogen Fluoride Market

On the back of several application, the demand for the hydrogen fluoride (HF) is growing substantially, which is benefiting market growth. Across numerous industries, the hydrogen fluoride is a popular chemical compound for its critical role in manufacturing numerous chemical compounds such as pharmaceutical products and polymers.

What are the key trends observed in the market?

The advent of hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HFO) as foam blowing agents is observed as a main trend, which is positively influencing growth of the global hydrogen fluoride market. Additionally, manufacturing of polyurethane and polystyrene, in cold storages and house walls are stimulating growth of the global hydrogen fluoride market substantially.

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Which factors are benefiting growth of the global hydrogen fluoride market?

Additionally, it is used in two different ways such as aluminum fluoride and fluorocarbons. Among these two types, the demand for HF as fluorocarbons is widening and expected to account leading share in terms of revenue of global hydrogen fluoride market.

Being a popular chemical compound across chemical industries, the demand for hydrogen fluoride is growing substantially from the petrochemical industry. As the petrochemical industry has less demand for substances such as super acids, it boosts its alternatives such as hydrogen fluoride. This is propelling the growth of the global hydrogen fluoride market.

Additionally, the flourishing mining industry is providing wide-ranging opportunities for growth in the coming years. Additionally, it has robust application across numerous industries as catalysts, which is benefiting the market growth. Further, the dry hydrogen fluoride easily dissolves in the low-valent metal as well as in the molecular fluorides. This is boosting the hydrogen fluoride market from the past few years and is expected to drive its growth in the coming years.

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Some of the key players in the global hydrogen fluoride market are LANXES., Tanfac Industries LTd., Solvay., and Mexichem S.A.B de C.V.

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