High Demand for Antimicrobial Packaging Expand Demand in Antimicrobial Preservatives Market

Growing corporative culture and changing lifestyle created an all-new platform for packaged products, as they are convenient and easier to use. To preserve packaged food products antimicrobial preservatives are used to maintain the life and taste of these goods. These preservatives help in reducing fungus, bacteria, and variety of other microorganisms. Burgeoning global health awareness is the key factor surging demand in the global antimicrobial preservatives market.

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The demand for antimicrobial preservatives is also high in cosmetics industry. Rapid deterioration in effectiveness and quality of cosmetic products is witnessed due to the presence of water or microbes in the final product. Therefore, the cosmetics preservatives are being used as stabilizers, antioxidants, and antimicrobials in the formulation of sunscreens, face masks, lotions, and scrubs. Cosmetics preservatives are also available as rinse off, wet wipes, and leave-on.

Developing regions has huge growth potential and is likely to expand growth in the global antimicrobial preservatives market. High demand for antimicrobial packaging mainly in food and beverages industry is a leading factor creating a dominance of Asia Pacific in this region. North America on the other hand will fuel growth in the global antimicrobial packaging market. The rising demand for more efficacious antimicrobial preservatives in drug making and personal care products are key areas leading this region’s growth.

Development to Biocides Spurs Growth for Antimicrobial Preservatives

Growing demand for biocides in a range of medicinal products has augmented growth in the global antimicrobial preservatives market. In addition, growing popularity of multi-dose protein formulations among patient populations further accelerated market’s growth.

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Besides, manufacturers are engaged in improving efficacy of antimicrobial preservatives to meet the growing demand in this market. They are also putting emphasis on improving the shelf life of the products that will help in generating higher revenue in the global antimicrobial preservatives market.

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