High Adoption of BYOD to Propel Quantum Cryptography Market

San Francisco, California, October 09, 2018: Quantum cryptography may be described as a way to generate a cryptographic key. This is carried out by use of photons which transmitting them onto a receiver through a suitable channel of communication. A recent intelligence study by TMR Research, titled as “Quantum Cryptography Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025,” talks about the general market scenario, its drivers, trends, and possible restraints. The report additionally delves into the competitive landscape of the global quantum cryptography market, elucidating on the strategies to be adopted by vendors in order to gain market traction over the forecast period of 2017 to 2025.

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The surge in use of computer networks in the application of communication and business transactions, which may consist of confidential information is augmenting the need for encryption solutions data security from prying eyes. The rising demand for securing data while countering cyber security concerns is a prominent factor driving the global quantum cryptography market.

There has been wave of users bringing in their own devices (BYOD) to which has bolstered the sales of the quantum cryptography market. As BYOD enables an employee access to confidential data on their personal devices, it is necessary to protect these from internet threats or hacking. The defense sector is additionally driving demand to a great extent for such solutions. These factors are zeroed in to have a positive impact on the global quantum cryptography market.

Recently, Quintessence Labs notified the a PCIe version of their qStream quantum random number generator (QRNG), the qStream 100P, which provides 100% entropy at the rate of 1 Gb/s, offering a robust solution to the strength and speed issues of pseudo-random cryptographic applications.

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In terms of geography, North America is anticipated to emerge as a significant region over the coming years. Additionally, Asia Pacific and Europe are also predicted to witness high growth potential in the years to come.

The competitive ecosystem of the global quantum cryptography market presently features fragmentation, due to presence of large pool of players, both local as well as international. Key vendors operating in the global quantum cryptography market are Infineon Technologies, ID Quantique, Lockheed Martin, QuintessenceLabs, and Raytheon, among several others.

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