Healthcare Sector to Emerge as Major Opportunity for Growth

Healthcare sector is expected to emerge as the main driver for growth for the players in the quality management software market. CMS, or Centers for Medicare and MediCaid Services have implemented new laws which are tying quality of care to the value of reimbursement. This is a major opportunity as health services form a major part of the GDP in the US and continues to represent a major pie of opportunity in the region. Additionally, the “value-based car delivery” are expected to drive significant growth in all areas including actual care in homes, hospitals, quality management in research labs, and more. Moreover, the healthcare sector is already witnessing major demand for various IT solutions like interactive portals for better communication between healthcare professionals and patients. Moreover, the clinical and insurance claims can significantly result in margins of growth as delay in treatment for diseases like diabetes can result in significant costs to insurance providers. The rising demand for improvement in quality across the board is expected to drive significant growth in the healthcare for players in the quality management software market.

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Quality Management Software Market Soars High Amidst Rising Automation

The quality management software market is expected to ride significant growth in the near future as automation continues to be the main trend driving manufacturing. Additionally, automation is expected to new opportunities for growth as the technology also makes for inclusion of robotics. Robots are increasingly during manufacturing for various processes including assembly, inspection, manufacturing, and packaging. Amazon has recently tried the technology in its warehouses to increase efficiency and productivity. Similarly, France-based Geodis SA is boosted its robotic workforce by 75% near the holiday season to help retailers stock up.

Robots rely on clear processes, set of instructions, and can be geared to be extremely productive with quality management softwares. The growth of automation and robotics are expected to emerge as major trends in driving growth of the quality management software market in the near future.

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