Healthcare Sector to Bear the Brunt of Data Breaches due to Human Errors

When it comes to personal data breaches, the healthcare sector tops the list. This is a very concerning issue considering the nature of data involved. The compromise of patients’ medical records could open access to other sensitive information such as medical policies. According to the Information Commissioner’s Office around 60% of data breaches were caused due to human error. It is not just the human fallacy but external threats and cyber-attacks that have contributed to the data breaches this year. Despite the deployment of technologies for hacking detection, it is one of the leading causes of breach.

Mis-delivery to be the Most Common Cause of Data Breaches

The Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report states that insider threats dominate the data breaches in the healthcare industry. Moreover, it is the only industry that has seen the highest number of data breaches through internal errors. That being said, fallacy in the delivery of email or mis-delivery are said to be the most common human errors causing data breaches. This essentially means that this industry needs a technology that helps in avoiding human errors and reduces insider threat.

Tony Pepper, Egress’s CEO said that healthcare organizations often try to fix the external threats while ignoring persistent human errors opening room for cyber-attacks. He further talked about the need for an efficient technology to avoid cyber-attacks through human errors. Moreover, there is a need to train employees on how to recognize and report phishing emails as ransomware attacks continue to be on a rise. In 2018, the healthcare industry was the leading victim of ransomware attacks as they accounted for 34% of attacks. Looking at these alarming numbers, it is certain that educating the employees and tightening the IT security measures is paramount.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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