Healing Bone Fractures with Self-Dissolving Putty

Bone Fracture

Bone grafts find extensive usage in treatment of fractures and other similar injuries. Once wrapped around the affected bone area, these grafts need to be timely monitored. The grafts often remain in the body after the bone recovers and heals. A team of researchers has developed an innovative substitute called ‘Novogro Putty’ for these grafts. Novogro Putty is a mouldable substitute for grafts that can be rooted at the site of the fracture. This putty is superior to grafts because it does not require continual monitoring. Novogro Putty undergoes degradation as the bone recovers, and finally dissolves when the bone comes back to normalcy. OsteoNovus, a renowned company in Ohio, pioneered the development of Novogro Putty.

Key Properties of Novogro

Novogro Putty undergoes successive degradation and does not remain suspended in the body. The biocompatibility of this substitute is another distinguishing trait that gives it a mark of superiority. Although several other biodegradable putties and grafts currently exist, none of them dissolve in the body. As Novogro Putty dissolves, the bone gradually replaces it and gathers its position. This putty is made by blending biodegradable polymers and inorganic composites. The mix of these two elements imparts rheological properties to the putty. The presence of DCPA compound helps the putty to degrade inside the body. Moreover, Novogro Putty has a certain content of Newberyite, a magnesium phosphate compound with high rate of dissolution.

Addition of Silica

The researchers added silica to the combination in order to activate the biological response of the putty. Moreover, the team also used certain chemical reagents to facilitate self-cementing reactions in the bone.

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