H1N1 Flu Returns Back

Certain provinces in Pakistan are once again seeing the emergence of a flu virus subtype called A (H1N1). It is the same viral strain which resulted in an influenza epidemic worldwide in 2009. It still continues to occur in certain places in the world, particularly in winters.

Punjab Province Records Death

While the ailment can be cured in most cases with the right treatment at the right time, in Punjab province of Pakistan it has already claimed 20 lives. So far 70 such cases have been diagnosed since last year August. In fact, in the last one week, four died in government hospitals. The reason for the deaths was inaccurate diagnosis or late admission to hospital for proper treatment.

This has affected the image of health authorities entrusted with the important job of protecting the health of the population prone to flu outbreaks at this time of the years. On a broader scale, it is a telling pointer of the poor socioeconomic conditions in the region as well.

In the province of Sindh, where 40 cases of A (H1N1) has been reported in the past two months, infectious disease specialists have requested people not to panic. They have suggested the use of precautionary measures and proper treatment for those who become ill.

The viral strain, typically associated with flu, can adversely impact those having lesser immunity such as children, pregnant women, and the aged. Hence, they have been advised by medicos to take flu shots to bring down the chances of falling sick.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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