Growth of Shipping Industry Opens Demand Avenues for Marine Fasteners

The manufacture of high-performance and high-speed boats that has spurred demand for a range of reliable and high quality fasteners is fuelling the marine fasteners market. Marine fasteners comprise a slew of products including bolts, hog rings, washers, screws, nails, nuts, togglers, and canvas fasteners.

Marine fasteners are key along with other marine supplies. Marine fasteners are mostly manufactured of alloys of various materials, to meet the needs of the marine industry. Stainless steel is a material of choice that can withstand harsh saline conditions.

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Development of new range of marine grade plywood is opening new vistas for the growth of marine fasteners market. Manufacturers are striving to use new material to meet the high volume demand for variety of fasteners, which need to satisfy the specific requirements of specific boats. For such needs, manufacturers of marine fasteners are pinning hope on adopting austenitic stainless steel for the manufacture of high-end marine fasteners that can withstand new challenging marine conditions.

The strides made by the marine and shipping industry is opening new vistas for the growth of marine fasteners market. The monumental growth of the shipping industry, as marine transportation becomes a key mode for the transport of cargo and human labor is resulting in large uptick in demand for marine fasteners. This is fuelling the marine fasteners market.

Development of Ship Building Industry in Asia Pacific benefits Marine Fasteners Market

Asia Pacific offers sizeable growth opportunities to the marine fasteners market. Growth of the shipping industry in the region to support economic growth and import-export activities is indirectly fuelling the marine fasteners market. The development of the ship building industry in the region for economic mode of transport is garnering immense growth opportunities for marine fasteners market.

The marine fasteners market features presence of some large players who have significant foothold in the market. These include Sea-Dog Corporation, Bainbraidge Marine, Attwood Marine Products, HandiMan Marine, Seastar Solutions, Arrow Fastener Company LLC, Marine Fasteners Inc., Perfect Fit- McDonald Inc., and Fasco Fasteners.

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