Growth of Hemodialysis Access Grafts Market is Foreseen through Rise in Renal Disorders

The growth of the global hemodialysis access grafts market is anticipated to rise considerably primarily due to rising incidences of renal diseases. In addition, continuous technological progress made in this field is expected to stimulate development of the global hemodialysis access grafts market in forthcoming years.

There exists limited availability of kidney donors, which is likely to result in the rising number of patients suffering from chronic kidney disease. Patients with such conditions are increasingly going for hemodialysis. As a consequence, the demand for hemodialysis access grafts is likely to witness an upward curve over the tenure of assessment.

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Relentless Technological Advancement to Cause Stellar Growth of the Market

Hemodialysis refers to one of the three existing renal replacement therapies. In case of kidney failure, this therapy is utilized for extracorporeal separation of waste substances from the blood of the patient. Hemodialysis access is also called vascular access and it is a method to access blood for use in hemodialysis. It is possible to obtain blood in three different ways, namely a catheter, a graft, and a fistula.

The global hemodialysis access grafts market is likely to be driven by the rise in the number of product approvals and increased prevalence of chronic kidney disorders. A case in point is the data revealed in the 2017 factsheet of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The findings say that nearly 30 million people in the US are suffering from chronic kidney disorders.

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The growth of the global hemodialysis access grafts market is likely to gather traction from its use for patients with damaged or blocked veins. In such a scenario, fistula does not find any utilization. On the other hand, the durability of hemodialysis access graft is not as long as fistula. This factor is likely to hinder growth of the global hemodialysis access grafts market to some extent in forthcoming years.

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