Growth Dynamics of Baru Nuts Explained

Belonging to the league of most healthy nuts in the world, baru nuts are witnessing massive demand as awareness about health benefits catch up with a vast populace of the world. Rich in fiber and protein, these are powerhouse of nutrition and being rich in oxidants are considered proper functioning of the body. These contain a number of essential and vitamins which are great for hair and skin.

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As people in general, and the millennial section in particular move towards wholesome foods, demand for these nuts is set to grow considerably. It is pertinent to note here that a large section of people in the world are witnessing decreasing available time for cooking nutritional and well-balanced meals. It is an outcome of long and stressful work schedule, which leaves many drained of the will to prepare elaborate meals. This leads to higher demand for small portions of food that can help people achieve nutritional goals. Baru nuts play a key role here.

As per TMRR, over the next few years, not only will the global baru nuts market witness an increase in demand, but also it will witness increase in valuation. It will also add to opportunities in the market, making it lucrative for existing and ready to join players. It further notes that market is extremely consolidated but the degree will subdue over the coming period as more players try to enter the playfield to care off a notable share of the market.

It is also quite pertinent to note here that players at the top – five players – hold approximately 80% of the share. These are focused on raising awareness of the products in the global market to expand reach, carve off a larger market share. Top names include Baru Baron, BIOBRAZIL BOTANICALS, Brukas Inc., Brazil Barn Group, and Atina Ativos Naturais Ltd, among others.

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